Thursday, July 9, 2009

Furniture Arrangements

Ugh. When we decided this past Spring that we would start homeschooling this Fall, I didn't anticipate the arranging and rearranging of furniture that I would be doing all Summer.

Garage sale desk in ... moved here, moved there, moved out.

Couch sideways across the living room to split the room into two parts: the living room part and the classroom part. Nope, couch hides all the mischief the kids can get into when I'm not paying attention. Switch the entire room, so the classroom is at the other end and I can see into the living room part.

Much needed previously stored furniture still in storage unit from earlier attempt to sell house. Can't get to it myself because hubby packed the unit. Two brains working in vastly different ways ... he'd never guess I would want this or that, so of course, this and that are all stored behind all the junk I don't really want but don't have time (nor the desire) to sort out yet.

Did get the tallest bookshelf back and moved into it's perfect spot. Already loading the shelves with "this and that" that I should really just get rid of. All in good time.

Too many drawers filled with "stuff." If I got rid of half of it, I would have plenty of storage for more of the "stuff" that's laying around waiting for a place to store it.

Of course, this day that I choose to move furniture again turns out to not have the wonderful cool breeze blowing through the house like I've had all week. So I'm hot, tired, and slightly grumpy. But at least I'm done moving furniture for one day. I'll start again tomorrow.


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