Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday - Organizing Tips

Never Run Out Again!
We have a 6-year-old bedwetter. He's a heavy sleeper, and we've been sleep-deprived for so long thanks to his older sister, we still haven't tried the idea of waking him up in the night to see if he can get all the way through -- dry.  Call me lazy, call me stupid, just don't call me in the middle of the night. Sue me, I'm tired.

Some nights he DOES make it through, and wakes up dry. But I'm no psychic ... I don't know when this might happen.

Thus, Andrew wears Pull-Ups to bed, and we're good with that. He's not complaining and neither are we.

However, we have experienced, more than once, a bedtime when we suddenly realized we were OUT of Pull-Ups! *Gasp!*

We live 6 miles from the nearest store, and by the time we reach bedtime ... like I said, we're tired! Neither of us wants to run out *just for Pull-Ups!*

Ok, like any other adult would do (ahem, cough cough), we have managed to get through those nights one way or another. However, since this blog is NOT about nighttime potty training, we won't go into our alternative methods.

No, this week's theme is about orgainzing, isn't it? So here's the solution to our problem of running out of Pull-Ups ...

when we buy a new pack, Daddy takes 2 or 3 and hides them in the linen closet!!! Yay Daddy! What a genius! By hiding more than one, we also don't run into the problem of having only one Pull-Up left and still be 3 days away from payday.

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