Thursday, August 20, 2009

School in August?

School in August? Are you kidding me??

It's hot, it's humid, and we're feeling significantly lazy. (Am I wrong, or aren't these called the "dog days of summer"?)

Besides, I supplemented their brick-and-mortar education last year (last year? as in 2008-2009 school year ... which, incidentally, is really still this year, right?) with so many extra educational activities, they must've had at least a year-and-a-half's worth of schooling!

Besides (or as Andrew says, "desides"), here in Ohio it was an unusally cool, dry summer and felt like Spring all the way through July! We only went recreationally swimming twice before August (as opposed to swimming lessons, which don't count as "fun.")

Why rush the start of school? Just because the neighbors and all of our friends from church went back to school yesterday, the 19th of August? Just because the oldests' college classes started 3 days ago? Just so we can "be done" by the end of May?

My argument is that there is no reason why we have to be "done" by the end of May ... learning is learning, all year round, all your life. And we had a beautiful day yesterday ... while the other kids were in school learning how to behave in school, my kids were: sleeping off their late night out with Mom and Dad, doing morning chores, and my 8-year-old was making deviled eggs. They also spent 2 1/2 hours playing outside with the neighbor who didn't get to go to school yesterday because she's in Kindergarten and they start on a different day. Oh yeah, then we ran to the library, bank, and UPS store, and went swimming with our cousins for 3 hours. Then we got free ice cream sandwiches at a community event, and enjoyed a nice drive home, getting home just in time for bed.

So, while most of the kids we know were in school for 7 hours (plus more than an hour of bus time), and coming home to do some homework while Mom filled out form after form after form (to be returned the next day in order to earn something special for the child!) my kids spent a minimum of 6 hours outside either playing or swimming or walking or running in a park. Yes, they also spent an hour riding in the van both to and from the cousin's, but guess what? That was almost the only time they spent "sitting" all day!

Now that is my idea of summer. And to me, August is still summer (technically it is, you know?). We're just not ready to start school yet. (Alright, fine, I'll admit that I've been making the kids do some schoolwork already ... but we're not doing a full day's worth yet, and we're not doing it everyday yet!) September and cooler weather will be here soon enough. Maybe we'll start then!

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