Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wishing for an end to November

I hate to wish a single day away. What joys and blessings might I miss along the way?

But I do so wish November was just over and I already knew the results of all that is to come this month.

Here's the lineup:

Nov. 9 - My only sister is having a hysterectomy. She is 48.
Nov. 10 - My husband is traveling to Mexico for work. We live in Ohio.
Nov. 13 - He hopefully comes home this night. This is also the opening night of the high school musical (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers) that my son is in.
Nov. 13-15 - Potentially stressful weekend with my stepdaughter here. Sometimes we have a great weekend, others are horrible. I never know what to expect.
Nov. 17 - My dad has his liver resection in Detroit. (Karmanos Cancer Institute)
Nov. 19 - Concert - son's high school competition show choir
Nov. 21 - Son's show choir - 1st competition of the season - all day event
Nov. 25 - Possibly husband's last day at his current job. Nothing else lined up yet.
Nov. 26 - Thanksgiving - Praying we have lots to be thankful for. A day at home, I believe.
Nov. 28 - Thanksgiving party at the in-laws' - who knows?

Yep, November is full. I'm good if I'm in control of things, but I'm not in control of ANY of this and nothing I do could affect the outcome of any of this. So I'm trying to figure out what my best practices for this month should be. So far, no clue. Just need to relax, breathe, remember that it is God who is in control, and watch my attitude.

God help me.

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