Sunday, March 14, 2010

Very quick update

Well, out of that November post, I only have one update I care to share: regarding my dad's liver resection. It didn't happen. :( They started the surgery only to find that the tumor had grown in a different direction and had attached itself to his colon. It's now 4 months later. The last measurement of the tumor showed it to be about 11 cm (huge). He's now in pain, which he wasn't before. He takes Vicodin often. But he's still up and around, caring for himself (anything he can't do, Mom is still there to help), and participating in church and a few choice social activities. He even just made a 3 1/2 hour trip to Michigan, then back again, with my mom and brother, to attend a funeral. He's a walking miracle, because most liver cancer patients do not survive this long.

Now, my brother is attempting to plan an anniversary party for our parents. August 6th will be their 50th. 5 months away. We don't know if he'll still be here or not, but I guess it won't hurt anything to start planning. My heart is just not in it. :( But oh what a party, if he IS still here!

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