Monday, December 20, 2010

You Might Not Want to Read This

In this post, I warn you now, I will detail, for my own sake, the many things on my mind today. My post may wander, twist, and wind in unforeseen and illogical directions. This is your warning ... no one is forcing you to read this!

First off, I have to go to the dentist today. #1 - I hate leaving the house on Mondays, and #2 - I hate going to the dentist. I have to drop the kids off at a friend's first, and one of the kids is already complaining and begging me to not make her go. After the dentist, I have to take the 17-year-old son Christmas shopping. If you know anything about 17-year-old boys, you can imagine what a joy this will be. Not to mention I have to spend MY money for him to buy presents for his siblings because he hasn't even received his first paycheck yet ... speaking of which ...

I had our plans set for our gift exchanges with our children ... I have one adult who doesn't live here, one late teen who is only here part-time, and one stepchild who is never here. I had to work around all of their other parties and our own parents' parties. I had it all worked out. then the older son came home from his brand new job yesterday to tell me he has to work that day, at the exact time of the party. Crap. The good news? The new arrangements work better for everyone anyway, so it's not actually that much of a problem.

Thanks to a lot of stuff in my life (and mind), I don't often sleep well enough to wake up feeling rested. Today was no exception. My day is already so full of things that I want to complain about (but won't), I can't even imagine trying to type it all out. So I won't. But I'll say this ... I spilled my coffee on myself, the stairs, the plate holding my PopTarts (comfort food for days like this), and my calendar. ARGH! That was just the dried up frosting on the dry, crumbly cake of my day so far.

I spent 4 and half hours at the church yesterday. I did not go in there knowing I would be there that long or that I would work so hard while there. UGH. I normally love going to church and come out energized. I almost fell asleep in the car on the way home.

My youngest son fell off his chair last week and broke his wrist. With 5 kids between us and a combined 70 years of parenting all of them ... this is the first broken bone among them. The next day we found out my brother has prostate cancer. I spent a good amount of time crying.

That's my brother Mike. He's my oldest brother and the one that I'm closest to right now. In a matter of five months, he and his wife have lost 3 parents (our dad and both of hers), Mike retired from the police department, she hurt her back, and now this.

I guess I'll stop there for now, otherwise I won't get a nap before I have to leave the house. Which, as you know, I hate to do on Mondays.

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